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D-1 before the first edition of SCORPION MASTERS - Scorpion Press Release

Tomorrow morning, at 8.30, the top 24 riders, together with 12 journalists, will launch the Scorpions Masters at the “Pôle mécanique d’Alès”.  The stars of the trial, such as Jerome BETHUNE or Loris GUBIAN – who holds the French champion title – will immediately have the honour, as there are three sections of the trial that await the drivers.  In each of these three sections, the riders will be able to choose between three levels of difficulty, ranging from easiest to hardest.  The right choices will need to be made as a “zero” score on the easier level will be more rewarding than a mistake made on the intermediate level…At the end of this first heat, where agility and balance will work as one, the riders will then start a Special Enduro Race.  

This will be the first major challenge of the SCORPION MASTERS, as amongst the riders, several ar e deemed worthy of victory, especially Christophe NAMBOTIN, Johnny AUBERT and Sébastien GUILLAUME, riders in the French team and winners of the International Six Days of Enduro, last weekend in Mexico.

At the end of these first two meets, those who excel on asphalt will have their chance to shine.  During the events,  the Free Practice will start at 11.15, followed by a lunch break and then the Qualifying Practice at 2 pm and the race will then start at 3.20 pm.  This time, Alexis MASBOU, Louis ROSSI,  Guillaume DIETRICH or even Regis LACONI, will be in the public eye.  Once the speed race is over, there will be the last heat of the day, the Supermoto race.  This is a much awaited heat, due to its ludic nature and the high number of riders who have already attempted this particular discipline.  Even though it is expected that Adrien CHAREYRE, Sylvain BIDART or Boris CHAMBON will feature in the front row, it is also a well-known fact that Michael PICHON is no easy client.    Will Laurent PIDOUX accelerate with same power as he did in his hay day?  Will Fréd&ea cute;ric BOLLEY exude his smooth and feline style? All of this will be unravelled tomorrow and even the most imminent and specialized tipsters in the world of motor racing, will be unsure as to the outcome of this new race.  Let us not forget that the Trophy will fall into the hands of the most all-round and consistent rider. The “Chevalier du Groland”, aka Serge NUQUES, could also be a dark horse in this competition.  The only female rider taking part in this event, Ludivine PUY – World Enduro Champion 2010 – could also surprise us all by being well-placed by the end of the day.

In order to offer access to as much information as possible during this day of competition, a “live feed” will be put in place in the “Masters” section in the French site at www.scorpionsports.eu.  Live coverage and photos will be updated throughout the day, right up until the prize-giving, due to take place at 5pm.

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